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Movement and Running Kinetics is Bengaluru's premier fitness academy that focuses on restoring and enhancing runners' performance potential.

M.A.R.K delivers a personalized approach and is custom-designed for runners taking into consideration their fitness history, current challenges, performance goals and body physiology.


The team comprises athletes who have trained and worked alongside global rehabilitation professionals. This global perspective is blended with a deep understanding of the running to deliver a scientific and practical roadmap for sports rehabilitation.

M.A.R.K is built on a fundamental operational philosophy that rests on 4 tenets: Custom-design, effective, efficient and stress-free. These four tenets are constantly improved upon by factoring in newer and advanced techniques that are scientific and tested.

Connect with us to rehabilitate your body and augment your performance goals.

about prashanth


prashanth Rao

Human Movement Specialist, Nutrition Coach

Prashanth Rao is Bengaluru’s leading sports performance coach and nutritionist. Over the past decade, he has trained the city’s club and professional athletes on refining their running posture and harnessing their skeletomuscular capabilities effectively.

Prashanth quit his corporate career of nearly 20 years to focus full time in his passion for better running and fitness. Since 2012, he has participated in over 150 races, including competitive 10K, 21K and 42K runs. Notably, he has clocked a BQ - a Boston Qualifier in his age category with his run performance timing of a full marathon in 3 hours, 18 minutes.

Today, Prashanth is the principal at M.A.R.K Fitness - Movement And Running Kinetics, a unique effectiveness-focused outfit that collaborates with athletes across for their performance based demands, injury rehabilitation and strength and conditioning.


Human Movement Specialist - Brookbush Institute

Running Technique Coach - The Running School

Level 1 Certified CoachPrecision Nutrition

Fitness Nutrition Coach - NESTA

Sports Nutrition Specialist - NESTA 

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